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Helping you get unstuck and create a masterpiece out of your own life.


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Marble Surface


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The brand.

My name is Elisabeth Kadesi Tubajika, I'm an entrepreneur, life coach and business coach passionate about helping women become the best version of themselves. I believe behind everyone one is their greatest potential the true masterpiece they were created by God to be. Unfortunately so many of us women fail to achieve our greatest work because of circumstances in life that keep us in a state of inertia.

Being stuck is the worse place you can find your self me I know! I've been through so much opposition this year that I decided to dare to be limitless.My goal through all my creative work is to help you come alive (become beautiful inside & out) and create a masterpiece out of your journey. The plain canvas has so much potential sis.

It's time to come Alive!!!

Elisabeth Tubajika,


Gloria, Blogger

Elisabeth is a breath of energy I enjoy the podcast and her words of wisdom and sense of humor. Her encouragement gives me life.


Yollande, Realtor

The Masterspiece podcast is inspirational but at the same time real and funny. I love how she mixes the two.


Grace, agent

I really enjoyed the episode on Generational wealth such an eye opening topic. My husband and I both listened to it. keep the content coming.

Marble Surface



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Marble Surface



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