Image by Juja Han
Fashion Sketch


Elisabeth Kadesi Tubajika is the visionary behind the Master's Piece brand. She is a business woman, motivational speaker, Beauty & Fashion content creator and philanthropist. Describe her in 3 words?? fun, creative, and purpose driven!

 She is a fashionista with a different approach to life as she desires to use her platform to bring out the best in others. Although she loves everything beauty and fashion to her life is more meaningful when you can change someones life in the process.

"You should always self examine yourself and face those giants that are holding you back from becoming the greatest version of yourself #getunstuck".

Through her content and business ventures she wants the Masterspiece brand to be a place where women are empowered to love themselves inside and out.

"Masterpiece is a way of living that glorifies the God in you." Stay tuned for amazing pieces, inspiring stories, and lifestyle tips.


You're a Masterpiece