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For over a decade now, the women of the Eastern Congo region have been the ones to pay the price of one of the world’s deadliest civil War since WWII according to sources Impunity and rape are the current issues.  Many women have died from the consequences of brutal rape. Cases such as fistula, HIV infections, and divisions in households all come with this act, and the rest are left with scars for life. A call to action is much needed because no one is strong enough to impact the world on their own. The fight for human rights in the East Congo has to involve women, men, our youth, countries, nations etc.


We are The Voice is a social responsible organization based in Dallas, Texas. The organization has been registered through its new name for 3 years now. The organizations emphasizes in community development, human rights and education; their yearly events and fundraisers are ways to portray the beauty in Africa. Our fashion Shows are our big yearly events that showcases the artistic talents of businesses and celebrates the culture and uniqueness of Congo. Through fundraisers, events and speaking engagements the organization seeks to showcase the beauty of Congo behind despair.​

W.T.V looks forward to building a strong partnership with your company that will enable us to fulfill the hopes and dreams of rebuilding the nation of Congo. We welcome any comments or questions regarding the details of your sponsorship and look forward to forming a mutually beneficial partnership. 



Why we are involved.


The mission of We Are The Voice (WTV) is to provide awareness of the chaos going on in Congo as a consequence of war. Our goal is to provide women with medical attention and empower the the young children of East Congo with education through our artistic fundraisers. The vision of the organization is to give back and support women and children in Africa through medical attention and education. WTV is based on Christian principles we strongly believe in the mission Christ has given us to take care of the defenseless. ​ "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." ​James 1:27 Giving back locally ​ As important as it is to give back abroad where our main focus is, we believe in connecting Congo with Texas. This year we are getting involved in mentee/ mentor programs that advocate education and professional guidance for High School and College Students. We volunteer in local women shelters and support the fight against eating disorders. The organizations's long-term strategy is to implement a social enterprise that can enable women who are victims of rape with economic resources to enable them to be empowered. "As a society we can make a difference through our voices; we start with one child,one woman, and in the end, hopefully rebuild a nation". It’s easy to get discouraged to plan such an event with very few limited resources, but we stand firm to the concept of Ubuntism- the idea that we are connected, and we cannot be ourselves without our community.


Thank you in advance for your consideration and support of WTV!. We are grateful  for any amount contributed by supporting this worthy cause, WTV guarantees you that your donations will go a long way in making a difference in someones life. You can also help by being a voice and sharing this event to friends and family members.

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We Are The Voice


PO Box 180431

Arlington Tx, 76096


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