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Hey Masterpieces!

I have'nt had the chance to blog in a while due to so much going on in my life but thank God, despite that I have been doing some self examination that I would love to share on the condition of our hearts. This year I have been reflecting on the importance of being and acting confident. I've went through certain obstacles that have made me feel a little insecure about life. However guys I have one motto " keep moving forward"!!

I'm determined to build a new confidence that can not be abolished!!!

I blogged last year about the topic of confidence and had a different perspective you can check the past blog through the (read more tab).

The series on confidence can go so many different ways; however this particular blog is about INNER BEAUTY. We've all heard the saying beauty is skin deep right?but this kind sound like a cliche though, what does it truly mean to enhance our non-physical attributes If you were like me maybe it took you a while to truly see the beautiful qualities you had to offer to this world. Maybe you struggled with these thoughts below.

Like: "What do people think about me?" " I wish I had a different personality" "I wish I was like her/him" "Why am I so sensitive?"


Truth is God made you the way you are for a reason Psm 139 says that God knitted us in our mother's womb. He understands our feelings and actions. Stop trying to get validation from people and ask God, Who you are?

With all the experiences and struggles in life it often takes a while to truly understand the depth of LOVING YOU.. until you get to the point where you embrace the inner. When you stop focusing everything you arnt and begin to enhance on all that is good in you, you will begin maximize on your inner beauty.

People are in need of a consistent sense of validation; the question is from whom? We all need to find that inner part that surpasses the external conflicts against our being.


What is confidence?

Confidence is defined as a state of being certain either that a hypotheses or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective.

Self confidence is having confidence in oneself. A person who is confident has an intense level of assurance in how they look, feel, perform and act. It is a state of the mind that is not easily moved. Some people just appear to be naturally confident; have you ever had that friend that wasnt all that pretty ( I promise I have a point) lol however you couldnt tell her nothing? then finally just because of how they perceived him/herself you started to see them the same way?

You see even these amazing people that we admire so much have some areas in their lives that even they may not feel so secure in....

As human beings living in this world we often realize more often that despite our degrees and ascribed successes at some point in our lives we will feel insecure or doubt ourselves or our ability to complete something. ( self esteem or confidence is not a natural instinct for most of us. ) It takes constant renewing of our minds to have confidence. Our environment, society, family, experiences & life will effect our confidence. When you start loathing yourself ask this question "what am I feeling'?the symptoms of low self esteem can lead to: suicidal thoughts, depression, envy, jealousy lack of purpose etc.


confindence in god?

So what do we hold on to when our own confidence is shaken? Simple. Our Faith in God :)

Confidence in God and not in oourselves is for a double measure of trust that surpasses our human capacity.(Psm 139:14) You are Enough! You were made with a beautiful purpose. There is nothing wrong with your journey. You are beautiful.

I've had experiences in my life where I felt that I was in control. If you are a control freek like me you know that sometimes you can get caught up with your own works. "Like if God don't do something right now then I'm going to make it happen for me!"

The downfall in trusting in our own ways too much is that you will often realize that you will fall short and usually mess things up. Inner beauty is being content that we are complete with God.

So now that we understand that we were WONDERFULLY made by God. We have his confidence and rely on his word. We live by faith and not by sight; we defeat the Goliath's that come against us. We dream and create things according to the vision God places in us. That is having confidence in God. We RELY ON GOD'S ABILITIES to do amazing things in us. (Philippians 4:13) YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS WITH GOD :-)

You are fearfully and wonderfully made!


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