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Part 2: How to look confident

5 ways to Practice being Condfident


Its WEDNESDAY!! and I wanted to just follow-up on the last topic that I was blogging ON in regards to confidence. Ok so we all know by now that perception has a lot to do with how we view the world and ourselves.

People perceive based on what they see or think: so that means people are going to have an impression of you based on how you present yourself. As a christian I've always been conscience of representing Christ by my demeanor and actions.

To be honest I never wanted to make people feel as if it was boring to be a Christ follower. We all know If you are aiming to live a Godly life you will have to make a lot of sacrifices.

However the world can only see you... so whats in"you" that others will admire . (This is my own opinion )

Below are 5 of my favorite principle on looking confident :-)


Present yourself in a way that says you are ready to take and master any challenge.

look like the part you want to play, suit up for success. Don't be afraid to show your personality through your dressing. Dress for success but don't get yourself into debt please lol.

Be assertive (sure of what you are saying) Speak in a steady, rhythmic tone.


We have all struggled with this don't let anyone fool you. It's our human nature to constantly see the negative aspects of life. Being negative comes much more naturally than being positive. A positive person avoids seeing the negative aspects of of life. Trust me if you've gotten to a point where you are constantly comparing yourself with others, you are most likely suffering from ingratitude and negativity. We are all on this earth with a different purpose. It is pointless to try to compare yourself with others.


Ladies and gentleman please do not be stingy with your compliments.

I MEAN....WHY?? I would address this to females more than males. Why is it that we fear giving other women compliments. If you see a woman that is really pretty (I wouldn't say prettier than you because we all have our own beauty) but really just tell her she's beautiful! It wont take anything away from you. I promise you wont lose your beauty by lifting or recognizing someone else's lol.

Tell people how great they are and if you admire them.. well tell them that you do. You have no idea what role you will play in their day.

LISTEN if you want to break that sense of competition in your life get in the habit of giving compliments. Make it your goal to compliment as much people as possible. It takes a sense of humility to recognize the greatness in others especially when we don't possess those attributes.

Avoid talking negatively about yourself OR other people it just diminishes the person you are. Give compliments, take positive criticism, check your motives, inspire others


Enhance your diction: Take speech classes, look for opportunities to speak in front of people; It eases the fear of people. One of the reasons I enjoy blogging is because it enables me to enhance my vocabulary. A big part of confidence is knowing how to speak well.

Guys!! Please Avoid; "uhhmms, nervous chatters or giggles while speaking. It makes you come off unassertive. I've personally had to work a lot on this, being afraid to openly give my opinion because I wanted to make everybody feel comfortable. Stop saying "I think so" if you really meant to say yes. when you mean yes say yes if it's no than say no. Make sure you do everything with positive motives, there's nothing cute about being rude or disrespectful it only makes people feel sorry for you (Trust me). There is a way to be assertive without coming off offensive.

4. "Eye contacts and choice of diction in a conversation says a lot about a person."

Are you one of those people who look in the air and the ground when speaking???darling please try to work on that it makes you look insecure. Avoid speaking too fast, using slang around strangers, ( we all use slang once in a while but come boo do not make it part of your dictionary)

Guys I'm not a life coach or anything but these are simple principles I worked on and it helped me do the things I do. When you start practicing this you will show confidence and capture peoples attention.


  • Do things you that you would normally be afraid of doing. A lot of the things I've embarked in I did simply because I was afraid to try it. Don't be afraid of leadership positions. Be proactive, don't be afraid to try something new. Very often we fear trying things because we always feel like we need some type of permission from whoever in order to do it.

  • Surround yourself with positive people; this is so major guys. Life is tough and you will need people who can uplift you and push you to keep moving forward.

  • Pray constantly and keep a gratitude journal: This goes hand in hand with being positive, live a life of gratitude. What are your greatest fears? Everyone to some degree is afraid of something figure out what it is and surrender it to God. Its stopping you.

  • Jot down your strengths and weaknesses ( focus on your strengths0

  • Read, plan and enhance your self in becoming the person God has called you to be.

  • Avoid Assumptions: Whatever assumptions you have of God will effect all areas of your life. It turns into accusations.

  • Operate based on knowledge not assumptions

Your God Masterpiece Act like it! XOXO

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